Fun Marketing Activities for Students

Looking for fun marketing activities for students? Well, you have come to the right place!

Teaching marketing should be fun and engaging for students and, as instructors, we should strive to “bring marketing alive” for students through the use of various activities, games, tools, and exercises.

On this website, you will find 100s of fun activities and games for teaching marketing.

Free Teaching Games

Pizza Store Design Game

  • This is a free marketing game that requires students working in teams to design their own pizza store and compete with other student groups. Available in an interactive and non-interactive version. Ideal for teaching the full marketing mix.

Interactive Marketing (Trading) Game

  • This is a great learning game to play with your marketing and business students. It is provided free and is highly engaging. It gets student teams moving around and trading and negotiating with others. And while teams are encourage to make good deals, winning teams usually have a long-term win-win outlook.

Price-Place Marketing Sim Game

  • This Sim Game is a variation of the interactive (trading) marketing game also available on this website for free download. The game runs on Excel as well, but without the component of physical interaction.

Restaurant Pricing Game

  • This is a very simple and fun (and free) marketing game that can be understood quickly and played within 30 to 45 minutes – ideal for all student cohorts. It illustrates the concepts of pricing, competition, and even game theory.

New Product Evaluation Game

  • This activity is a ‘game’ played in groups. Although it is a fun game, it is designed to illustrate the challenges that a firm faces when it evaluates and researches a new product.

Average Cost Curves Game

  • This activity is a fun activity (a team-based game) that is designed to show how the short-run average cost curve is produced.

Return on Marketing Investment Game

  • As we know, return on marketing investment (ROMI) is a commonly used marketing metric in the business world. But addressing this metric from a straight formula/calculation approach can be a little dull, and even intimidating for some students. So this fun activity can be a great way of introducing the concept of ROMI.

Instructor’s Guide to Running the Base Positioning Sim Game

Fun Marketing Activities for Students

Developing a Marketing Mix

  • In this exercise, students select the most appropriate marketing strategy and then develop a suitable marketing mix, based upon a proposed new chain of Italian and pizza restaurants.

How Important is Price?

  • In this exercise, students are presented with eight product alternatives, as they would find in a supermarket environment. As they will see, price is simply one aspect of the consumer’s perception of value.

Marketing Career Quiz

  • In the marketing career quiz there are 20 questions about work preferences, thinking style and interests. There are three options for each question, students pick the one that best describes them.

Marketing Terms Crossword

  • A revision crossword for an array of marketing terms and definitions – ideal for reinforcing terms at the end of term, and a great team-based activity.

Product Mix MCQ Revision VIDEO

Marketing Trivia Two Video Quizzes

  • Here are two multiple-choice question video quizzes. One on general marketing trivia, and one called ‘guess the entrepreneur’. These video quizzes are designed as icebreakers and team-building exercises.

Marketing Trivia Quiz (Kahoot version)

  • This is a marketing trivia quiz for students to complete, primarily as an icebreaker or introduction to marketing in the early week/s of classes.

Marketing Mix Digital Escape Room

  • This business is in a terrible mess and they need your students’ marketing expertise to help turnaround our business and start making more money. Your students have come highly recommended because they know so much about marketing. Can they escape?
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CB Digital Escape Room

  • A large multinational company is looking for a consumer behavior expert to join their consumer insights team. Your students’ task – to win this job – is to answer questions about consumer behavior and to demonstrate their problem solving skills by also solving puzzles along the way. Can they escape?
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The Marketing Plan Escape Room

  • Last week we only made $1,000 in sales, but we need to get sales of $10,000 a week to cover costs and make enough profit for us to live on and pay the bank each month. Are you a super marketer who can help save our business?
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Even More Fun Marketing Activities for GITM Members

Digital Marketing Success (Case Study)

  • This video case study is based upon an innovative approach to search engine advertising that cleverly combines data, market insights, and a unique media schedule.

Marketing Mix of the Dollar Shave Club

  • Students review the viral video launch of the highly successful Dollar Shave Club and then identify their 7P’s offering and the mindset of their target market. Great activity for breaking down the full 7P’s marketing mix.

KFC’s App Gamifies Snack time

  • This is a great example of using a market insight to change consumer behavior. In this activity, KFC created a smart phone game to deliver sales promotion incentives and drive sales.

Generating Earned Media (Video Case)

  • In this video case study, students review an airline loyalty points campaign that is heavily reliant upon generating earned media.

Snicker’s Innovative SEM Campaign

  • This video-based activity highlights Snickers Misspelled Words campaign that they executed through Google search ads to successfully reinforce their brand positioning.

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