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Background to Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing

I first set up the Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing website in 2012, primarily to provide lecturers and teachers with a broad “pick and choose” selection of teaching activities and worksheets. Since that time, I have expanded the site to include well over 400 teaching activities, tools, games, tips, and ideas.

All of these activities has been tried and tested in the classroom, across the almost 2,000 lectures I have conducted teaching marketing on behalf of ten different universities in Australia.

Find out more at: How and Why I Started the Great Ideas Website

The Great Ideas website is designed as a teaching resource, so that you can add variety, interaction, and student engagement to your marketing and business classes. As you will see when you look around the site, there is a diversity of different types of teaching activities across a broad selection of marketing concepts.

It is ideal for flipped classrooms, as well as appealing to different learning styles and different levels of student cohorts.

I am sure that you will find many helpful teaching activities to use. From my own teaching perspective, I developed many of these activities “to make marketing real” and get students more involved in the decision making and problem solving side of marketing.

Perhaps a good starting point is check my list of Top 10 Tips for Teaching Marketing, or my post on Games and Gamification in Teaching Marketing.

About Geoff Fripp

Geoff Fripp is an experienced marketing lecturer, practitioner and author. He was a marketing lecturer at the University of Sydney from 2002 to 2021, teaching in a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate subjects.

In addition to Sydney University, he has also conducted programs for the University of Western Sydney, the University of Technology, Sydney, Wollongong University, the University of Canberra, as well as for specialist providers such as the Australian Institute of Management, the Center for Continuing Education and the Think Education Group.

Geoff has had a long career in various senior and specialist marketing positions, including with Telstra (Australia’s leading telecommunications provider), Royal Sun Alliance (an international insurance firm), St. George Bank (a major bank in Australia), and Illawarra Credit Union. As well as corporate experience, Geoff was the founder of Tranquil Spring Water in 1992.

In recent years, Geoff has been involved with Pearson Education textbooks in Australia, developing case studies for the local Kotler series of marketing textbooks, working as a co-author on the initial editions of the localized Solomon marketing textbook, and having The Practical Marketing Workbook published.

Since 2012, he has been involved in developing various online study guides for university marketing students, such as the A Guide to Perceptual Maps, the Marketing Study Guide, Cluster Analysis for Marketing, and the Segmentation Study Guide.

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Email = geoff@greatideasforteachingmarketing.com

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