KFC Zinger Launch

In April 2017, KFC decided to introduce it’s Zinger chicken sandwich (burger) into its home American market. This is despite the product being available in KFC’s international markets for over 30 years, where it is KFC’s most popular product in 120 countries.

For this activity, students need to review the launch TV commercial featuring Rob Lowe as the new Col. … See the full activity...

KFC launches nail polish: Brand extension

KFC flavored nail polish – a brand too far?

KFC has introduced chicken flavored nail polish into their Hong Kong market. This new product (in 2016) is a significant extension to their brand. According to their publicity:

  • “This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong.“

Student Activity

  1. Review KFC’s
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The role of logos

Teaching Notes for this Activity

In this activity, students will consider the role of a logo in the firm’s overall brand – what role does it play, how important is it?

Student task

Below are some well-known logos to review.

  1. Which logos can you recognize?
  2. Why do you think that these logos were designed this way? That is, what are
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Communicating to Gen Y

Teaching notes for this activity

This discussion exercise would work best in small groups, getting students around 15 – 20 minutes to work through the questions and the issues.

Student task

The following is a summary/excerpt from a study on Millennials – otherwise known as Gen Y – and their view of marketing communication from banks. Review the following article … See the full activity...

Sexist advertising – fit with brand?

Use of Sexual Appeals in Advertising

Mrs Mac’s is a food manufacturer of pies, sausage rolls and pastries based in Australia. Its primary market is Australia and New Zealand, with some export markets in south-east Asia. It has worked hard to create the positioning of traditional and home-cooked food.

This strategy has been generally successful with the brand well represented … See the full activity...

Ethical Advertising? Tommy Hilfiger brand launch

Ethics in Advertising

This video is taken from a documentary on advertising called Art and Copy. The documentary discusses some of the classic advertising campaigns over time and has interviews with the creative and production staff, along with some key clients.

In this small part of the documentary, the initial advertising campaign to launch the Tommy Hilfiger brand is … See the full activity...

McDonald’s Sponsorships

The Ethics of McDonald’s Sponsorships

McDonald’s is a well-known fast food chain throughout the world. In recent years, it has worked hard to broaden its menu offering and try to broaden its food appeal. It has introduced some healthier options and has also added higher quality food and coffee as well.

In addition to having thousands of locations throughout the … See the full activity...

Evaluating a Billboard Ad

In this activity, marketing students will review a “famous” billboard ad to determine whether it will be successful.



Review the following billboard ad for Silberman’s Fitness Center. The ad is cleverly designed to be both “attention-grabbing” and to convey humor, and most importantly, trigger the target consumer into action and call the fitness center and start working out. … See the full activity...