Great Ideas FAQs

How Do I Contact Great Ideas?

For any other questions, please email me (Geoff Fripp) at…

Why Should I Become a Great Ideas Member?

Lots of reasons, including…

  • Prepare classes and teaching workshops faster
  • Add variety and interest to classes
  • Appeal to different student learning styles
  • Improve student learning
  • Pick and choose from 100s of teaching activities, games, tasks, and tools
  • Stay up to date with contemporary marketing issues and cases
  •  Access detailed solutions and teaching tips

Find out more at… Benefits of a GITM Membership

Do You Offer A Free Trial Period?

No. This is because there are well over 100 free teaching activities available of Great Ideas. This freemium structure is offered so you can “try before you buy”.

How Can I Use the Teaching Activities?

Free teaching resources may be reproduced in their entirety and without alteration by individual teachers and instructors for use in their education institution with their students only.

Members of Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing may both reproduce and modify (if required) the free and the exclusive member teaching activities for use in their own teaching.

For physical copies and handouts to students, the downloadable PDF should be used, as this includes the Great Ideas copyright mark. And for online materials provided to students, the teaching resources should be either linked or referenced back to

You may not use our content for non-teaching commercial purposes without our prior written consent.

Can I Contribute a Teaching Activity?

Yes – quality teaching resources (with or without solutions) are always appreciated. And they even get you a discount off the price of a membership. Find out more at Contribute to Great Ideas.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

To cancel your membership plan, click on the account icon (next to the search box). Then click Subscriptions, and on the right you will see an option to cancel.

You will be forwarded a confirmation email if you choose to cancel, but your membership will continue until the end of your term.

What’s Your Refund Policy?

Great Ideas has a no refund policy. Why? Because we offer lots of free teaching activities, plus sample solutions, so you can try before you buy. But please note that if you have a monthly plan or another recurring membership plan, you can cancel it at anytime under your ‘account icon’.

How Do I Reference the Author of the Activity?

For any formal referencing purposes, in all cases (except where noted on the activity), the author of the teaching activities, tools, and solutions is Geoff Fripp.

What are Your Membership Pricing Plans?

Current pricing details are available at:

What Advice Do You Have for a New Marketing Educator?

There are lots of tips and guides on Great Ideas – including in the activity solutions – but as a quick start, please review Top 10 Tips for Teaching Marketing

What Types of Teaching Resources are Available on this Site?

There are lots of different choices available, including:

  • Role-play exercises
  • Mini-case studies
  • Review exercises
  • Discussion exercises
  • Teaching Games
  • Sim Games
  • Digital Escape Rooms
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Plus more…

Got More Questions???

Just email me… (Geoff Fripp) at…

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