Marketing Environment

Do Firms Have a Social Responsibility? (Discussion Task)

Students are presented with three scenarios where large brands or industries are expected to be more socially responsible. But is that the essence of marketing? Indeed, do we need to rethink the definition of modern-day marketing? This is a discussion task variation of the debate task of the same name.

Do Firms Have a Social Responsibility? (Discussion Task) Review the Teaching Activity

Marketing Ethics Debate Topics

This activity is a variation of the Marketing Ethics Game (also available of Great Ideas). But instead of a game, students review, discuss, and debate the 10 ethical and social dilemmas. In this situations, students will need to trade-off profits for ethical behavior, the customer experience, and staff satisfaction. Great for in-class discussions and debates.

Marketing Ethics Debate Topics Review the Teaching Activity

Marketing Ethics Game

This is a points-based game built around 10 ethical and social dilemmas (trade-offs). In each round, students need to make a strategic decision that will add/remove points for profits, customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and ethical behavior. But what is more important to your students – profit maximization or running a well-balanced business? Designed as a game to make ethical decisions fun, enjoyable, and more real-world based. Note: Scoring system updated in 2024.

Marketing Ethics Game Review the Teaching Activity

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