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Introduction to the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) Framework

This activity explores the ‘Jobs to be Done’ (JTBD) framework. Students review a detailed podcast script that gives an excellent introduction to JTBD. It covers the core concepts of JTBD, such as functional, social, and emotional jobs, and the role of JTBD in product development, customer experience, and brand storytelling. An ideal starting point for students to dive into JTBD.

Introduction to the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) Framework Review the Teaching Activity

Repositioning Upwards (Video Case Study)

This case study examines a repositioning campaign for Vita-Weat, which is a brand of crackers in Australia. In this promotional campaign, this brand of “dull” and perceived budget crackers was successfully repositioned to be seen as a gourmet food offering and tapping into the “foodie” culture trend.

Repositioning Upwards (Video Case Study) Review the Teaching Activity

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