Strategy and Plans

Which Line of New Products Should We Pursue?

Your students take the role of a brand manager of a successful frozen-food brand. But it is in the maturity phase of the PLC and needs to pursue other growth options. Students evaluate five potential new lines and line extensions to help guide the brand forward.

Which Line of New Products Should We Pursue? Review the Teaching Activity

Pick the Best Target Market

In this activity, students review seven market segments for a company looking to launch a dinner cruise in a town that has a sizable local population and a steady stream of tourists. Their task is to identify the best market segment to become the target market, based upon their characteristics, profitability, and long-term viability.

Pick the Best Target Market Review the Teaching Activity

The Importance of Differentiation

Students explore positioning and the importance of differentiation by reviewing 10 competing restaurants in the same geographic market. Each restaurant has a unique positioning and students need to evaluate which ones will be more successful, as well as identifying an opportunity for a player in the market.

The Importance of Differentiation Review the Teaching Activity

Marketing Ethics Debate Topics

This activity is a variation of the Marketing Ethics Game (also available of Great Ideas). But instead of a game, students review, discuss, and debate the 10 ethical and social dilemmas. In this situations, students will need to trade-off profits for ethical behavior, the customer experience, and staff satisfaction. Great for in-class discussions and debates.

Marketing Ethics Debate Topics Review the Teaching Activity

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