Role Plays

Marketing Ethics Game

This is a points-based game built around 10 ethical and social dilemmas (trade-offs). In each round, students need to make a strategic decision that will add/remove points for profits, customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and ethical behavior. But what is more important to your students – profit maximization or running a well-balanced business? Designed as a game to make ethical decisions fun, enjoyable, and more real-world based. Note: Scoring system updated in 2024.

Marketing Ethics Game Review the Teaching Activity

Difference Between Target Markets and Target Audiences

In this exercise, students will be presented with a mix of target markets and multiple target audiences for a new social initiative. It is a helpful activity for clarifying the difference between target markets and audiences. And it is very flexible, as it can be run as a case study discussion, as a marketing debate, or even a student role-play.

Difference Between Target Markets and Target Audiences Review the Teaching Activity

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