Reviewing Perceptual Maps

Introduction to this Activity

This activity is a variation of the Burgers Galore Brand Management exercise. In that activity, students need to consider how well a brand is being managed by reviewing sales, profit, and image data (presented in a perceptual map format).

But this data is fully provided for them – they just need to analyze the data as … See the full activity...

Challenging Marketing Sim Game

The ‘expert-level’ marketing and positioning Sim Game is now available. This Sim Game is suitable for more advanced students and would need to be played over several weeks or even a full semester.

There have been substantial improvements made to the game, such as an interactive menu, as shown below.

New SWOT Planning Worksheet

The centerpiece of the student’s decision-making … See the full activity...

Discussion ideas for the marketing simulation game

Note: Also refer to the base information on the Marketing and Positioning Simulation Game for lecturers, as well as the “how to play guide”.

Teaching and discussion ideas

While the simulation game is quick to learn and relatively simple for students to understand, it does provide an insight to numerous marketing concepts and topics – making it an … See the full activity...

Marketing Simulation Game: How to Play Guide

How to Play the Marketing and Positioning Simulation Game

Welcome to the instructions on the Marketing and Positioning Simulation Game. This simulation game is designed for students of marketing, strategy, and business. Please note that the game is available for free download on this page… free marketing simulation game download page. Please note that this linked page also includes … See the full activity...

Free Marketing Simulation Game (Updated 2020)

You can download the free sim game here…


Game Updated 2020

Key changes for 2020:

  • Loyalty bonus has been reduced from 20% to 10%. This loyalty bonus is awarded to products that are not repositioned during the round. The intention of this bonus is to provide a trade-off between moving to a more attractive position and holding position and
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McDonald’s Food Throughout the World

Teaching Notes

This activity is designed to introduce students to the for/against of adapting a global firm’s product mix to meet local needs in host countries. Students first review a short video and then address specific questions on international marketing.

Student task

Student Discussion Questions

  1. McDonald’s is a strong global brand, does their variety of food throughout the world help
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Fun approach to cluster analysis

Teaching notes for this activity

This activity is based around a free Excel template for quickly and easily running cluster analysis that is available at Cluster Analysis for Marketing (a related website).

One of the challenges of cluster analysis that it appears quite complex and, usually, it needs to be run using special statistical software (such as SPSS).

However, using … See the full activity...

Using scatter charts to form market segments

Teaching notes for this activity

This activity introduces marketing students to the concept of forming market segments using consumer data. It is a very helpful technique for reinforcing that segments need to be similar in needs (homogeneous), yet distinctive from other market segments.

Because the activity is essentially visual in nature, it appeals to a broad range of students – … See the full activity...