Consumer Behavior

Do Tag-Lines Eventually Wear Out?

In this activity students will consider the value of a brand (Specsavers) utilizing a long-term tag-line. While tag-lines are often helpful for communicating positioning and guiding IMC campaigns, they may need to be refreshed at times to keep the brand modern and adaptive.

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Does Physical Evidence Matter?

In this exercise, students are presented with 10 trade-offs between two firms – with their only difference being physical evidence. It is designed for students to understand that physical evidence has a significant impact on consumer perceptions and their choice of a suitable offering. A fun exercise for marketing students of all levels.

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Pick the Best Target Market

In this activity, students review seven market segments for a company looking to launch a dinner cruise in a town that has a sizable local population and a steady stream of tourists. Their task is to identify the best market segment to become the target market, based upon their characteristics, profitability, and long-term viability.

Pick the Best Target Market Review the Teaching Activity

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