The Ethics of Shrinkflation: Debate Ideas

Students are provided with two debate questions, as well as some for and against points to get them started and thinking about the role and impact of shrinkflation. Debate are often a good method of generating a deeper understanding of a topic. Shrinkflation extends beyond just pricing, to brand management, promotion, ethics, customer trust, and profitability.

The Ethics of Shrinkflation: Debate Ideas Review the Teaching Activity

Are Price Discounts Worthwhile?

As we know, sales promotions and discounts are commonly used in supermarket channels. However, do they make a difference? In this activity, students examine different consumer motivations, using an excerpt from a focus group, to identify the type of consumer (segment) that are responsive to sales promotions and why – as well as identifying the long-term impact on a brand, if any.

Are Price Discounts Worthwhile? Review the Teaching Activity

How to Use Cost-Plus Pricing in Marketing

This teaching activity is a more advanced cost-plus pricing activity. If your students have a good sense of the concept, this is an excellent activity for gaining a better understanding of the cost-plus formula and its challenges of implementation. Note: A free (but optional) Excel template for cost-plus pricing formula has been included.

How to Use Cost-Plus Pricing in Marketing Review the Teaching Activity

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