About the Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing Workbooks

The Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing Workbooks are designed to support your teaching and learning goals. There are four workbooks to choose from, depending upon your student cohort and teaching level. 

All the teaching activities are presented in a handy worksheet form for  ease of use. Each workbook offers a range of activities that cater to different student learning styles and are aimed at enhancing student engagement and delivering practical learning experiences.

Benefits Across All the Workbooks

  • Easy-to-Use Format: Activities presented in handy worksheet form, ideal for classroom use and flipped teaching methods.
  • Flexible Teaching Approaches: Varied styles and approaches in activities that allow educators to tailor lessons to meet specific needs and learning outcomes.
  • Enhanced Student Engagement: Designed to add variety and interest, improving student engagement and interaction.
  • Practical Learning Experiences: Focus on practical activities that bring real-world concepts and challenges into the classroom.
  • Preparation for Future Careers: Helps prepare students for their future careers by integrating practical skills and knowledge.
  • Customizable for Educators: Enables educators to select activities that best suit their teaching style and students’ learning requirements.

Which Great Ideas Teaching Workbook is Right for You?

Workbook 1

Activities for Understanding Marketing Foundations and Core Concepts

Workbook 2

Activities for Applying and Analyzing Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Workbook 3

Activities for Mastering Marketing Skills, Application and Strategy

The Original Workbook

A Broad Range of Activities, from Foundational to Advanced Skills

Click on the cover to purchase the workbook on Amazon
Click on the cover to purchase the workbook on Amazon
Click on the cover to purchase the workbook on Amazon
Click on the cover to purchase the workbook on Amazon
Mostly introductory and designed for later high school and early undergraduate marketing students.
The activities and exercises cover foundational and core concepts in marketing, ideal for Marketing 101 or similar.
Immediate-level activities, primarily designed for marketing students at the undergraduate level.
The activities are designed to give a deeper level of understanding of marketing concepts and challenges.
Designed for use with later undergraduate and postgraduate marketing students. 
The activities help teach application, strategic approach, marketing interactions, and critical thinking skills.
A broad selection of tasks for of teaching levels across all cohorts of marketing students, from introduction to masters.
This workbook has activities that vary from base concepts to application, to strategic marketing decision making.

Contains over 170 teaching activities, across 363 pages

Contains over 150 teaching activities, across 411 pages

Contains over 140 teaching activities, across 431 pages

Contains over 250 teaching activities, across 417 pages

First Published 2024

First Published 2024

First Published 2024

2nd Edition Published 2017

$60 (USD)

$60 (USD)

$60 (USD)

$49.95 (USD)

Questions on the workbooks?


Please email: geoff@greatideasforteachingmarketing.com

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