Digital Escape Rooms: Getting Started


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Teaching Notes

Overview: In these digital escape rooms, students need to work together to solve problems, crack codes and finally escape, using their knowledge of the marketing mix and/or consumer behavior. This exercise is designed to get students actively engaged in revising elements of the marketing mix and/or consumer behavior. Great as a team-building exercise.

Teaching Level: Intermediate – students need some base knowledge of the marketing mix and/or consumer behavior, plus access to revision materials (online access is fine).

Suggested Structure: It is highly recommended that these digital escape rooms be run in small teams. It is also helpful to print out the blank crosswords for the students. Click here to download digital escape room crosswords. And it may be necessary to provide some hints to some groups who are struggling with some of the puzzles.

Approximate Timing: The required time will vary by group and is also reliant upon the skill set of the students – however, around 60 minutes should be allowed.

Instructor Solutions (Members Only): Solutions for the Digital Escape Rooms

Why Play and What Topics They Cover: Digital Escape Rooms for Teaching Marketing

Go to the Start of the Digital Escape Rooms

Click here to start the Marketing Mix Escape Room

Click here to start the Consumer Behavior Escape Room

Click here to start the Marketing Plan Escape Room

How to Play

For more information on the escape rooms, please see this article detailed instructions for running the digital escape rooms, or review the following video:

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