Welcome to the CB Digital Escape Room

Welcome…. to your Job Interview

A large multinational company is looking for a consumer behavior expert to join their consumer insights team. Your task – to win this job – is to answer questions about consumer behavior and to demonstrate your problem solving skills by also solving puzzles along the way.

Are you ready for the challenge? You will have a time limit to complete the tasks and win the job – your teacher will time you. If not, better luck next time.

How It Works

There are job interview questions and associated puzzles to work through.  You need to know your consumer behavior theory and be able to identify a code for that question/puzzle.

You enter the code to proceed to the next question and puzzle. But only the best and fastest candidate will win the role. Good luck!

Here’s your first interview question:

Why should we hire you for the consumer insights role?

You should answer this opening question like this…

Use this decoding key to help you.

Code hint

Do NOT use spaces between words, use American spelling, and use all LOWER case letters.

Enter Your Code Below

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