Digital Escape Rooms for Teaching Marketing

THREE Digital Escape Rooms Now Available

Why Your Students Should Play Digital Escape Rooms

As you probably know, escape rooms are becoming a popular teaching technique for the classroom, with many students getting highly involved and motivated and having lots of fun learning and reinforcing concepts.

The main problem with escape rooms are their physical nature and problems of set up and control – lots of puzzle pieces and locks that may go missing – not good! And, of course, that’s a lot of work double-checking that all the pieces are there and are working as they should be.

The solution is simple – use a non-physical escape room – make it a digital one. No set up and always good to go. And these days, virtually all students have access to a laptop or a smart phone – so no equipment to set up. That’s what I have built for you to use – two digital escape rooms (please see links above):

  1. An escape room build around consumer behavior (CB) introductory topics,
  2. An escape room based around the 7Ps marketing mix, and
  3. An escape room based around marketing plan concepts and structure

How The Marketing Escape Rooms work

These escape rooms consists of 10 different challenges, built around a theme of a job interview or being a marketing expert. Each challenge is in sequence and needs to be solved first before the next challenge is released – students cannot skip ahead until they solve the puzzle first.

Ideally, these escape rooms should be played in small teams, all working off a central computer and with access to a marketing textbook. I have based these challenges around the standard Kotler Principles of Marketing textbook (of which there are many variants). Alternatively, helpful information is typically available online anyway.

Depending on the skills and experience of your cohort, this challenge will run around 1 hour. Ideally it is for senior high school or university-level marketing students – but check it out yourself to see if it is suitable for your classes.

Consumer Behavior Topics Covered (Escape Room 1)

  • The buyer decision process
  • The overall model of buyer behavior
  • An overview of top-level CB factors and influences
  • Adopter categories
  • The new product adoption process
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Low/high purchase involvement
  • Types of buying behavior

Marketing Mix Topics Covered (Escape Room 2)

  • 4Ps vs the 7Ps
  • Main promotional tools
  • Three levels of a product
  • Key marketing mix definitions
  • Steps in the new product process
  • The product life-cycle (PLC)

Marketing Plan Topics Covered (Escape Room 3)

  • Marketing plan structure
  • Market share calculations
  • Segmentation bases
  • Main growth pathways
  • SWOT analysis matrix
  • Target profit pricing

Please note that these escape rooms work independently – your students can play either one – or both!

Quick Start Instructions

Please visit Digital Escape Rooms: Getting Started or review the below instructional video.

Need Escape Room Help?

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