Marketing Trivia Quiz (Kahoot version)


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Teaching Notes

Overview: This is a marketing trivia quiz for students to complete, primarily as an icebreaker or introduction to marketing in the early week/s of classes. This is an exercise that should be run early in a marketing course, both as an icebreaker, and to help stimulate discussion on key topics such as brand and innovation, as some of the correct answers could be unexpected by students.

Teaching Level: Basic/introductory – primarily designed for students with limited knowledge of marketing.

Suggested Structure: This is the Kahoot version of this student poll. Students are quite familiar with Kahoot, which they access using their smart phone. Ideally, you can discuss some of the key questions, especially those with many wrong answers, after the quiz. That is, which answers surprised them and so on.

You can also highlight some of the key challenges and changes in the marketing world, such as: the rise of Google and Facebook, Apple’s dominance, the large scale of Nestle, Kodak’s “innovation”, how some brands survive and prosper whereas others fail, how long it takes some products to become successful.

Given this is a week 1-2 quiz, you could also highlight that these are some of the issues and topics you will cover during the course.

Approximate Timing: The quiz itself will only take 5-10 minutes to run on Kahoot, depending upon set up time. You should allow for a further 15-20 minutes to discuss some of the “key findings”, as per the Suggested Structure section.

Important Note: Please note that this is a Kahoot quiz that can be played online. Here is the Kahoot link: Marketing Trivia Quiz (no password if required, as you can play as a guest).

This Kahoot quiz is identical to the hardcopy Marketing Trivia Quiz (hardcopy) version also on this website.

About Kahoot Quizzes

Using a fun marketing trivia quiz is a great way to kick-start discussions and interactions in a week one class.

As you probably know all too well, one of the challenges of teaching a class in the early classes of a term is the building of student rapport and getting the students comfortable engaging and interacting in class.

There are plenty of ice-breaker exercises out there, but many are “just fun” without a logical teaching point. This is where a great platform like Kahoot comes in. I generally try to use a Kahoot quiz in every class I now teach.

How to Play the Marketing Trivia Quiz

I’m sure that many of you are already familiar with Kahoot. If you are not, then it is surprisingly easy to use.

1. You set up the quiz using the above link – you show this to your students on the main screen.

2. You get the students to Google “Kahoot” and go to Kahoot.It. (Note: Some students will have it bookmarked or already have an app.)

3. Hit “Play” and then a code will appear on your main screen, which the students enter and add a nickname. The nicknames appear on the main screen as well.

4. And once all students are in, then you can click play.

Extra Teaching Tip

For this particular quiz, which I use as an ice-breaker in week one, I get the students to play in small groups (2-4 students, depending on your class size). You can play Kahoot in ‘classic’ (individual) or ‘team-mode’, which you select as part of Step 3 above.

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