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Teaching Notes

Overview: In this activity, students use Kahoot to vote on ten statements with differing views on marketing and then they indicate to what extent they agree/disagree with the statement.

This survey is designed for new students to marketing to gauge their initial understandings and perceptions of the marketing profession. Because it is conducted through a simple online voting system, student’s answers are anonymous hopefully resulting in honest responses.

Teaching Level: Basic/introductory – primarily designed for students with limited knowledge of marketing. This is an exercise that should be run early in a marketing course, to challenge traditional stereotypes of the marketing profession.

Suggested Structure: This is the Kahoot version of this student poll. Students are quite familiar with Kahoot, which they access using their smart phone.

Probably the best way to run this activity on Kahoot is one question at a time (as it is a student poll – not a quiz – there is no time pressure). At the end of the voting on each statement, to review the extent of agree/disagree responses in the class and then comment or ask students why they hold that perception of marketing.

There are 10 questions in the survey, and wherever there is a distinct difference of opinion across the class, then leads into a natural discussion activity. Usually out of the 10 questions you will find four or five quite controversial ones and a couple of questions whether students generally have a perception or understanding – which you can then discuss further.

Approximate Timing: Timing for this exercise depends upon the level of discussion that will result from the class. For more advanced classes, allow around 30 minutes for discussions that is, three minutes per statement, however you should allow around 15 minutes.

Important Note: Please note that this is a Kahoot poll that can be played online at: (This is a direct link to the Perceptions of Marketing poll/survey.)

If you want the hard copy student worksheet to download, please go to – perceptions of marketing – on this website

Link to Kahoot poll on the Perceptions of Marketing

Here is a link to the quiz – you do not need sign up. However, if you do register you are able to construct your own quizzes and surveys over time.

Perceptions of Marketing Online Survey

Notes on Kahoot

In case you are not familiar with Kahoot (and probably other similar websites) it is a quiz or survey that students undertake live in class by using their mobile phones or other Internet connected devices.

I have used this system across numerous subjects over the past year and have found the level of engagement dramatically increases – with usually very positive feedback from students.

Once you start the game – projected onto the class screen – get the students to go to Kahoot.It and enter your game code (which is automatically generated and shown on the screen) – they then enter any nickname and you are set to go, usually within 1-2 minutes.

To set up your own Kahoot account

Kahoot is a handy teaching tool and offers free accounts – you can sign up at Kahoot

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