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Teaching Notes

      • Overview: In this activity, students review ten statements with differing views on marketing and then they indicate to what extent they agree/disagree with the statement. This is an exercise that should be run early in a marketing course, to challenge traditional stereotypes of the marketing profession.
      • Teaching Level: Basic/introductory – primarily designed for students with limited knowledge of marketing.
      • Suggested Structure: This exercise could be run in three ways: one as an individual exercise, one is a small group exercise reporting back to the class, or as an overall class discussion exercise.
      • Approximate Timing: Timing for this exercise depends upon the level of the class. For more advanced classes, allow around 30 minutes for discussions that is, around three minutes per statement.

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity


This exercise is designed to explore how you and your fellow students perceive the role and perception of marketing.

Listed below is a series of statements about marketing. Identify which ones do you agree with and which ones you disagree with? When you have finished, compare your perceptions against those of your fellow students. There are several questions for you to address at the end.

Please note that there are no right or wrong answers – this activity is designed to explore the range of perceptions of marketing held by different people.

Statements About Marketing – Do you Agree or Disagree?

      1. Marketing is simply another word for advertising
      2. People who are successful in marketing are highly creative – but are not that good with numbers
      3. The main goal of marketing is to deliver new customers and sales, rather than to drive profit
      4. Generating new customers is more important than retaining existing customers
      5. Staff in marketing tend to have little interaction with staff from other areas within a firm
      6. Marketing is more art (creative) than science (analysis)
      7. Marketing tasks are relatively simple, particularly compared to complex roles like finance and law
      8. Marketers are LESS likely to end up as the CEO, as compared to accountants and engineers
      9. Some key marketing decisions are so important that even the CEO gets involved in the decision
      10. Marketing is a highly regarded profession throughout the business community

Student Discussion Questions

      1. Which of the above statements do you agree with?
      2. Which ones are you not sure about?
      3. Are your perceptions of marketing similar to your fellow students?
      4. As perceptions of marketing sometimes differ in the business world, what implications would this have for the profession of marketing?

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