The Role of a Marketer


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Student Discussion Activity


The aim of this exercise is to identify the likely tasks of someone in a marketing role. In other words, what day-to-day functions do marketers perform?

Please review the list of business tasks outlined below. For each task, determine how likely it would be for somebody in marketing (that is, they could be anyone in marketing, junior or senior) to do this task as part of his or her role.

Note: The tasks undertaken by marketers will vary across different firms, depending upon their structure, corporate culture, and marketing orientation. Therefore, approach this exercise by using your understanding of the functions of marketing in general, rather than considering just one firm.  

Possible Marketing Tasks?

  1. Attend the weekly staff meeting and discuss recent sales results
  2. Analyze the increase in the number of customer complaints
  3. Brief the market research agency our research needs for the teenager market
  4. Check the progress of our new store – review the design and its facilities
  5. Write two articles for the company newsletter
  6. Meet with an unhappy (dissatisfied) customer
  7. Review the IT schedule and check the new product priorities
  8. Provide some recommendations for the new staff bonus scheme
  9. Meet with the accountant to recommend a 10% price increase
  10. Attend the new product development meeting
  11. Review the application form for new customer ‘sign-ups’
  12. Meet with the local baseball regarding a sponsorship deal
  13. Prepare a presentation for upcoming staff training day
  14. Draft a speech for the CEO
  15. Draft the Chairman’s Report for the firm’s Annual Report

Student Discussion Questions

  1. For each task, determine how likely (very, somewhat, unlikely) that someone in a marketing role would undertake this function.
  2. Given your answer to question 1, what skills are required to be a successful marketer?
  3. Given your answer to question 1, how does the range of skills required compare to the skills needed in other functional roles (such as accounting or IT)?
  4. For someone in a marketing role, what skill set would be more important; people/relationship skills, technical marketing skills, or creativity?
  5. Does your view of a marketing role differ from the perception of your fellow students?

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