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Teaching Notes

Student audience: This discussion exercise is suitable for students studying introductory marketing wondering if they should pursue a career in marketing.

Please note that I have prepared the marketing career quiz based upon my own experience and perceptions and it is designed to be suitable for a discussion exercise for marketing students. 

Scoring the Quiz:

  • For each A selected, score 1 point
  • For each B, score 2 points
  • And for every C, score 3 points

Add up the  scores the 20 questions in the career quiz – and it will score in the range of 20 to 60 points. Please download the marketing career quiz and scoring key below.

Review the quiz below or download the PDF student quiz worksheet

Marketing Career Quiz

1 = Do you enjoy playing with puzzles, solving problems and lateral thinking games?

  • A = Not really – I find them boring, too difficult, or a waste of time
  • B = Sometimes they’re okay to do something different
  • C = Yes, I generally enjoy solving puzzles and playing lateral thinking challenges

2= In your academic studies to date, or in your current workplace, do you like studying topics and answering questions that have one right answer, or do you prefer ambiguity where there could be multiple correct approaches to the question?

  • A = I preferred “hard” topics and subjects where there is one right answer
  • B = My preference is clearly for subjects were there were multiple right answers, depending on the situation
  • C = I’m probably quite flexible and can comfortably work with both types of topics and questions

3 = Have you started your own business – even on a part-time basis – or are you interested in owning your own business in future?

  • A = No – owning a business is NOT something that interests me
  • B = Yes – I would like to start my own business one day
  • C = Yes – I have already started at least one business

4 = Do you have ambitions to be the CEO of a medium or large company sometime in your career?

  • A = Definitely, I expect to have a fantastic corporate career
  • B = No – I’m not that ambitious, or I don’t think I could achieve that goal
  • C = Maybe, it would be nice to achieve that goal, but not critical

5 = How well do you build relationships with people?

  • A = I would consider myself an introvert, and prefer to work by myself
  • B = I would consider myself an extrovert and loved talking to people
  • C = I’m probably a bit of both, perhaps a little bit introverted but can engage with people quite well

6 = Do you consider yourself to be a persuasive person who can influence others?

  • A = No – I’m not very good at constructing and presenting arguments
  • B = Yes – I win every argument that I get into
  • C = I can be when I want to be, and work towards providing the right information

7 = How well do you handle criticism?

  • A = Not very well, I prefer not to be criticized
  • B = I just ignore criticism completely
  • C = It is a natural part of life – it happens – sometimes it’s good, sometimes is just plain mean

8 = How confident are you were dealing with numbers and perhaps spreadsheets?

  • A = I’ve never really liked numbers and have usually struggled with math
  • B = I can get by, but is not my preference
  • C = Yes, I am quite comfortable with numbers and analysis

9 = In terms of your preferred working environment in the future, would you prefer flexibility or stability?

  • A = I would like to have a job where I am comfortable with what I am doing
  • B = I’m happy with a bit of stability and flexibility
  • C = I would prefer a job where every day is different

10 =How important is social status to you as a result of your professional occupation?

  • A = I would like to be in profession that is held in high regard
  • B = It is not really important to me
  • C = It’s somewhat important

11= What is your attitude to the “details” of a particular task or project?

  • A = Not really interested – I am more of the big picture person
  • B = I am very strong on the details
  • C = I can be detail oriented, when required, but I am also a big picture person

12 = Would you describe yourself as patient or inpatient?

  • A = I am very patient and will take my time with things
  • B = I am generally quite impatient
  • C = It various depending on the situation

13 = Are you someone that can see trends and see where things are heading?

  • A = Not really, there are plenty of new things that surprise me
  • B = At times I have done is quite well and predicted where things are heading
  • C = I think I have a good understanding of what the world will look like in five years’ time

14 = What was your approach to science in school – theory or practical or simply bored by it?

  • A = I didn’t really like science at all
  • B = I liked the theory aspects of science
  • C = I enjoyed conducting the science experiments

15 = What is the main purpose, in your opinion, what somebody working in a marketing role in a company?

  • A = Marketing is all about making customers happy
  • B = Marketing is all about maximizing profits for company
  • C = Marketing is balancing profits with happy customers

16 = How well do you handle pressure?

  • A = I don’t cope with pressure to well and try to avoid it
  • B = I love pressure – I can handle anything that people throw at me
  • C = I can handle pressure, don’t naturally seek it out

17 = How often would you watch a business show on TV or the Internet?

  • A =Probably never
  • B = Sometimes, it is an interesting topic
  • C = Quite often, I am quite interested in business activities

18 = Would you describe yourself as more like Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak (the two founders of Apple computers)?

  • A = Definitely Steve Jobs – I see myself as very creative and ready to make money
  • B = Definitely Steve Wozniak – I like working on things, making things – whether there is money in it or not
  • C = Probably an equal mix of both – I like making things of value, the money is important too

19 = Are you a creative person – in what way are you creative?

  • A = Not really creative at all
  • B = I’m a really strong ideas person – I can work with blank canvas
  • C = I’m probably analytically created and can come up with good ideas from data and other ideas

20 = Do you consider yourself pragmatic and practical, or more ideas–based?

  • A= I see myself as very pragmatic and practical
  • B = I would consider myself an idea’s person
  • C = I’m probably a bit of both – can have ideas, but can be quite pragmatic at times

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