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Student Discussion Activity

The following crossword covers an array of marketing terms and definitions. It is a fun and handy way to reinforce marketing terminology with your students.

Ideal as a team-based activity, and is more suitable for end of year/term revision (not really as an introductory exercise).

Teaching Tip: There are 40 questions in the crossword, so please allow sufficient time for your students to complete – and you might need to give some clues along the way.



  1. The process of dividing a market into related groups of consumers.
  2. A qualitative form of market research known as a ______ group.
  3. In marketing research surveys, we _____ respondents questions.
  4. Instead of using high-low pricing, some retailers choose to implement an ________ low pricing strategy.
  5. Most corporate websites are made up of posts and ________.
  6. The firm’s top-level game plan.
  7. The type of demand that changes significantly when prices are changed.
  8. Between introduction and maturity on the product life cycle.
  9. Maslow’s model shows needs in this structure.
  10. In logistics, we seek to manage the supply ______.
  11. The type of marketing where the firm deals with customers by phone.
  12. Part of the purchase decision process. Can be high or low.
  13. Which one is NOT part of the BCG matrix: dogs, goat, cows.
  14.  Usually considered the centerpiece of the marketing mix elements.
  15. Firms put data into a marketing information ________.
  16. The marketing mix element where the firm places a value on their product.
  17. The type of business demand that is based upon the demand for their own products.
  18. The initial sales step before the adoption phase for new-to-the-world products.
  19. In terms of consumption, customers can be a light or a heavy ______.
  20. A market structure made up of a few large dominant firms.


  1. A promotion tactic where the firm gives away free _______.
  2. A segmentation approach based upon location.
  3. Introducing a marketing mix change as an experiment, known as ______ marketing.
  4. Initial stage of the new product process: _____ generation.
  5. A key role of marketing is to meet these for consumers.
  6. Another word for a leaflet or handout for a target consumer.
  7. A favorable (or not) view, opinion, assessment of a brand held by a consumer.
  8. PLC stands for the product life ______.
  9. The market segment that the firm chooses to focus their marketing activities on.
  10. Part of our place mix, we use one (or more) to reach the market via intermediaries.
  11. The final phase of the PLC.
  12. A consumer who buys from us is known as this.
  13. The most common form of paid promotion.
  14. The term for the overall process of managing (transporting and storing) our supplies and products.
  15. Highest sales phase of the PLC.
  16. Many new products should be _______. Past tense of clue 23 above.
  17. An exclusive right granted for a new invention (often government approved), so that competitors cannot copy the design.
  18. Common initials for clue 4 above.
  19. The adopters that follow the innovators, in the diffusion curve.
  20. A large event, like a trade show, where business products are promoted (use short four letter term).

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