New Products Process MCQ Revision VIDEO


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Teaching Notes

Overview: This is a 20 multiple-choice question video quiz on the NEW PRODUCTS PROCESS. It is a fun and interactive approach to revision for students, and a helpful insight for instructors on which new product topics need further explanation and discussion. This video quiz is designed to reinforce some of the key concepts of the new products process, by engaging in a friendly in-class competition.

Teaching Level: This is a revision (and potential team-building) exercise suitable for students who have covered the basics and key steps in the new product process.

Suggested Structure: You could run as a competition, by stopping/starting the video in class to put the scores on the board (to add an element of competition. Or alternatively, you could assign questions to students to research and report back to the class (more suitable if they are relatively new to the material).

Approximate Timing: The set-up and quiz can be completed within 5 minutes, however, further time will need to be allocated for revision and further explanation and clarification, as required (depending on how well your students do in the quiz).

Student Quiz Video 


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