Video Series on Segmentation and Targeting


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This is NOT a teaching activity. Instead, it is a series of 14 in-depth (5-10 mins) videos on market segmentation and targeting that you can choose from to give students a deeper understanding of these topics.

Videos to Choose From…

 Main Benefits of Market Segmentation

What Tools Do We Use to Segment a Market?

What is the Criteria for Effective Segmentation?

Psychographic Segmentation Bases

Behavioral Segmentation Bases

Benefits Sought Segmentation Bases

Hybrid Segmentation Bases

Geographic Segmentation Bases

Demographic Segmentation Bases

Why is Social Class a Psychographic Segmentation Base?

Are Age Segments Good to Use?

For and Against of the Main Segmentation Bases

How to Choose a Target Market

Difference Between a Primary and Secondary Target Market

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