Video Series on Positioning and Perceptual Maps


positioning, differentiation, perceptual maps, competition, segmentation, target markets

This is NOT a teaching activity. Instead, it is a series of ten in-depth (5-10 mins) videos on positioning and perceptual maps that you can choose from to give students a deeper understanding of these topics.

Videos to Choose From…

My Top Ten Tips for Using Perceptual Maps

Why We Should Use Perceptual Maps in Marketing

Benefits and Limitations of Perceptual Maps

What are Determinant Attributes?

What’s the Difference Between a Perceptual Map and a Positioning Map?

Some Good and Bad Repositioning Examples

What is Over-Positioning?

What is Under-Positioning?

Overview of the Perceptual Process

Why You Should NEVER Use Price and Quality Together on the Same Perceptual Map

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