Positioning Kid’s Home-delivered Food


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Positioning Kid’s Home-delivered Food

Student Discussion Activity

For this activity, you need to select the most appropriate positioning for a firm that currently home delivers pre-prepared food, on a weekly basis, to people who are trying to lose weight. They have now decided to pursue an opportunity in providing a somewhat similar product, but this time, targeted at children.

You have been presented with a number of different positioning alternatives that the firm could adopt for this new target market – which one would you choose?  

Alternative Positioning Options for Kid’s Home-delivered Lunchboxes

Option One – As a weight-loss product

  • For =                Many kid’s are becoming over-weight
  • Against =         Kids may be embarrassed to take to school

Option Two – As a convenience/easy way to organize kid’s school lunches

  • For =                Both parents work in many families and time is important
  • Against =         Some parents may be embarrassed that they have to outsource their kid’s lunch (as potentially seen as disorganized or lazy)

Option Three – As a simple way to provide lunchbox variety

  • For =                Kids get bored with the same lunch every day
  • Against =         Many kids (particularly younger ones) are fussy eaters and may not eat lunch at all on some days

Option Four – As an up-market ‘gourmet’ lunchbox

  • For =                May attract parents who want to communicate success
  • Against =         Extra perceived cost may limit the size of the market

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Which positioning approach, of the four presented, would you suggest that company should adopt?
  2. On what basis (criteria) did you determine that this was the best approach?
  3. Can you suggest any other alternative positioning approaches that may also be viable?
  4. In what ways will the positioning approach selected affect the firm’s marketing mix for this target market?

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