Marketing Crossword Challenge


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Note: Here is a link to another crossword on the Great Ideas site… Marketing Terms Crossword

Student Discussion Activity

The following crossword covers an array of marketing terms and definitions. It is a fun and handy way to reinforce marketing terminology with your students.

Ideal as a team-based activity, and is more suitable for end of year/term revision (not really as an introductory exercise).

Teaching Tip: There are 50 questions in the crossword, so please allow sufficient time for your students to complete – and you might need to give some clues along the way.


  • Boxes with two numbers – the first is across and the second one is down
  • For hyphenated words (listed in clues) the hyphen “-” has its own box


  1. One of the 4P’s marketing mix
  2. What a Chatbot is designed to do… “to _____ customers”
  3. Marketers try to achieve these, which are usually found in a marketing plan
  4. Collective term for billboard and transit advertising
  5. Customers who buy a lot of a product category = “heavy ______”
  6. Part of the extended 7P’s marketing mix
  7. Last part of the AIDA model
  8. Process of splitting up a market into related sets of consumers
  9. A type of group used in marketing research
  10. A word that can follow “market”, “concept”, and “A/B”
  11. With advertising, we usually need to trade-off ______ and frequency
  12. The proportion of sales we win in the overall market
  13. A key consumer behavior model the “buyer _______ process”
  14. Initials for sales displays set up in retailers
  15. A finance terms for the % return on investment
  16. Final stage of the PLC
  17. Marketing’s overall game plan
  18. Starting point in the new products process, we try to “_______ ideas”
  19. Marketers strive to meet these for consumers
  20. Number of customers/total consumers = ???
  21. A top-level segmentation base, reflective of consumer actions in the marketplace
  22. A structured test to assess the impact of different marketing mix tactics
  23. Most marketers will work in one, rather than alone
  24. Initials for customer life-time value
  25. What we do to data to uncover insights (starts with an M)


  1. Unique selling __________
  2. The singular form of “media”
  3. Retailing that does offer a physical outlet (hyphenated word)
  4. Initials for the physical or digital location where a sales transaction takes place
  5. The best type of brand awareness (three linked words, with hyphens)
  6. All marketing objectives achieved = a “marketing ________ story”
  7. What @ means in email addresses
  8. A number two more than the number of P’s in the extended marketing mix
  9. A small, specialized target market
  10. A form of sales promotion, where we give a free _______
  11. Questionnaires are used in these
  12. The I in IMC, but without the D on the end
  13. Another term for “Millennials” (hyphenated)
  14. Initials for another description of the promotional mix
  15. A general term for interference and disruption in the communication process
  16. Initials summarizing the macro-environment factors
  17. Platform where influencers and vloggers can be found
  18. Step two in the AIDA process
  19. With a new-to-the-world product, one of the first challenges is to “make consumers _______ of the product”
  20. This type of consumer needs provides a great opportunity for a new product offering
  21. Matrix used in the Situational Analysis section of marketing plans
  22. Opposite of a push marketing strategy
  23. A likely future Cash Cow
  24. An old term for a website visits and interactions
  25. Marketers often need to demonstrate this after an expensive campaign (initials only)

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