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Marketing Ethics Game

This is a points-based game built around 10 ethical and social dilemmas (trade-offs). In each round, students need to make a strategic decision that will add/remove points for profits, customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and ethical behavior. But what is more important to your students – profit maximization or running a well-balanced business? Designed as a game to make ethical decisions fun, enjoyable, and more real-world based. Note: Scoring system updated in 2024.

Marketing Ethics Game Review the Teaching Activity

Retail Wars Sim Game

Welcome to the Retail Wars Sim Game! In this Sim Game, student teams will compete against each other in a new and growing retail sector. Each team starts with one store and can grow their retailing empire to 20 stores. As a retailer, students need to make decisions on all 7Ps of the marketing mix each round of the game. A fun and engaging game to play.

Retail Wars Sim Game Review the Teaching Activity

Quiz: What Area of Marketing are You Most Suited For?

Do you have students asking “What area of marketing should I go into?” It’s a common question for students nearing the end of their studies. Well, here is the solution – a quiz that sorts students into one of 24 profiles and then provides a summary of their work preferences and traits, along with suggested marketing specializations that they should pursue. A great -in-class or take home exercises.

Quiz: What Area of Marketing are You Most Suited For? Review the Teaching Activity

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