Marketing Connections Puzzle Game


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Teaching Note

This puzzle game is based on the New York Times “Connections” game, where players need to find sets of four words that are connected or related to each other in some way.

This teaching activity provides students with 20 sets of four marketing terms, concepts, steps and/or tools that are connected. Not only is it a great teambuilding exercise, but it is ideal for revision and understanding key marketing terms.

Please note that there are two variations of the Marketing Connections Puzzle Game on Great Ideas – and this one should be considered the easier one of the two and this game would be best to play first. Here is the other puzzle game for you to review…

NOTE: Both puzzle games assume a knowledge of Marketing 101/Marketing Principles.

Student Discussion Activity


Below there is a table of 80 words or terms related to marketing. They have been jumbled into alphabetic order for you.

In these 80 words, there are 19 interrelated sets of four words/terms that are logically connected from a marketing perspective – such as: product, price, place, promotion.

Your task is to find all 19 related sets – that will leave 4 words/terms left over, which can be rearranged into a key learning point for all marketers.

Good luck…


Discount Maturity Retailers


Dog Meet Return on Investment
Baby Boomers Economic Millennials


Behavioral Education Needs



Experiments Observations Sales Promotions

Brand Manager

Facebook Occupation Self-Actualization
Brazil Focus Groups Online

Situation Analysis

Budget and Timetable Gen X Opportunities


Cash Cow

Gen Z Outdoor Sponsorships
China Geographic Physiological



Growth Place Strengths
Click-Through Rate Important Political



Income PR Manager Surveys
Convenience India Price


Conversion Rate

Instagram Product Technological
Customer Introduction Promotion


Customer Lifetime Value

LinkedIn Psychographic Threats
Decline Manufacturers Public Relations



Marketing Analyst Question Mark Weaknesses
Department Marketing Objectives Radio


Your Related Sets

And what was the end marketing phrase (using the four words/terms not matched above)?



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