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Teaching Notes

Please refer teaching suggestions below and to the below video on how the SWOT Excel template works – please share the video with your students as well.

The free Excel SWOT Maker template is available for download hereā€¦

Please share this download with your students.

Why the SWOT Template was Developed

In a teaching (and often a corporate) situation, SWOT analysis is often relegate to being a quick group brainstorming technique, rather than being a discussion of what makes up a robust and detailed SWOT. This is a far too simplistic approach to a SWOT, which should come after extensive analysis – not as a substitute for analysis.

Another problem with SWOTs is that they often have quite generic outcomes. This is because students start with a “blank sheet”, not key points to their analysis.

To solve this problem I have designed a simple SWOT generator that runs on a pre-set Excel template, where students can choose from almost 600 possible strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

This means that students can get beyond the “building a generic SWOT” to actually working with a more detailed SWOT to start looking at strategic options.

Possible Student In-Class Activities

  1. Groups can develop a SWOT for a particular firm and then discuss/argue why their approach is different (or better).
  2. Students can develop SWOT’s for two or more direct competitors and identify WHY their marketing strategies NEED to differ.
  3. Students can split the SWOT into the four quadrants (with a group working on each quadrant), as a combined class activity
  4. Students can start with a “blank sheet” first, and then move to the SWOT template to see how more detailed information can greatly assist the development of a SWOT.
  5. Students work on their completed SWOTs and identify how the firm can use the information to guide and inform their marketing strategy.

How the SWOT Template Works

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