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Teaching Notes

As we know, PESTLE analysis is a helpful tool for summarizing the situational analysis of the macro-environment. Understanding the marketing environment is critical to the identification and execution of marketing strategy.

However, it is often the overwhelming choice of potential macro-environment factors and trends to consider that makes PESTLE a somewhat challenging task for students.

Therefore, in order to simplify PESTLE analysis and assist teaching the concept in the classroom, plus assisting students with their assignment tasks, especially for marketing plans – I have developed a simple and automated tool for producing PESTLE.

Free PESTLE Analysis Excel Tool Download

Here is the free Excel tool for making Pestle Analysis… free-PESTLE-maker-Excel-template

But please note that while this tool is Excel-based, it does not require any spreadsheet skills.

About the PESTLE Maker Tool

As you will see, students choose from a pre-set list of 400 factors, as follows:

  • Political factors = choice of 60 factors
  • Economic factors = choice of 60 factors
  • Social factors = choice of 90 factors
  • Technology factors = choice of 70 factors
  • Legal factors =┬áchoice of 70 factors
  • Environment factors = choice of 50 factors
  • Plus students can reword the pre-set factors or add their own

Video on How to Use the Pestle Analysis Template

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