Developing a Strategy and a Marketing Mix


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

This activity requires you to develop an appropriate marketing mix for your own restaurant. (Assume that you have a suitable budget and that reasonable expenditure is possible.)

Firstly, decide on your overall strategy and your target market (that is, what is going to make your restaurant successful in a very cluttered and competitive industry?).

Then outline the “details” (the marketing mix) for your restaurant. To assist you, listed below are some “thought starters” for options/choices. (Note: you don’t need to consider ALL these ideas.)

 List of possible marketing mix elements:

Location – suburb/area?

Extent of menu – broad or narrow?

Location –shopping center, city, waterfront?

Frequency of menu changes?

Type of cuisine?

Daily specials?

Quality of food?

Any packaged meals/set menus?

Flexibility of meals?

Children’s menu?

Type of service – table/self serve?

Offer take away or home delivered?

Type of staff?

Outdoor seating?

Alcohol available?

Separate parking?

High quality coffee?

Opening Hours? Days?

Seating capacity – 20, 50, 100, 200 seats?

Quality of service?

Décor theme?

Quality of furniture, plates, cutlery?

Free wi-fi access?

Special promotional deals?

Use advertising – type- frequency?

Cater for special occasions?

Use letterbox drops?

Baby high chairs?

Loyalty program?

Kid’s playground?

Average price of meals?

Website and social media platforms

Discounts? – When?

Bookings required?

Price relative to competitors?


Cash only and/or credit cards?

Dance floor?

Separate drinks area?

Display menu outside?

Student Discussion Questions

  1. What are the main aspects of your restaurant that will make it successful? (That is, why will people come to your restaurant?)
  2. What’s the target market for your restaurant?
  3. What’s a suitable name for your restaurant?
  4. What’s your restaurant’s marketing mix? (Use some of the ideas listed in the above table, but feel free to add some of your own.)

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