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Student Discussion Activity

Consumers buy a product solution (the benefits) for their need/problem. In promotional communications, it is important to communicate benefits – not features!

Below is an example of how to convert features into benefits (for a potential new product for Burgers Galore, namely fruit salad). Your task is to identify the benefits for a swimming pool toy, and a new pet walking service.

 Fruit Salad Example


  • Enjoy Burgers Galore’s new fruit salad
  • With an array of different fruits
  • Fruits are cut into pieces
  • And not cooked
  • Served in a plastic container
  • They are chilled for your enjoyment


  • Enjoy Burgers Galore’s new fruit salad
  • With an array of delightful tastes and textures, that come in easy-to eat, bite-size pieces
  • And they are all natural and fresh
  • Easy to eat anywhere
  • And they are always cool and refreshing

Now complete for…

For a Swimming Pool Toy


  • Introducing an inflatable trampoline that floats on your pool.
  • Enables jumping, diving, and games.
  • Weight capacity of 100kg.
  • Electric inflation pump included.
  • Repair kit included.
  • Available in black, red, or yellow.

For Pet Walking service


  • We offer a new service of walking your dog.
  • This service is available in most suburbs.
  • We will pick and return your pet – and there’s no need for you to be home at the time.
  • Walks range from 30 to 90 minute duration.
  • Maximum six dogs per walk.
  • All our dog walkers are animal lovers.
  • Can also include dog basic training (if required).

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Rewrite the list of product features for the swimming pool toy and the walking service as a list of benefits (as per the fruit salad example).
  2. Which approach (features or benefits) do you think is likely to be more effective in marketing communications?
  3. When evaluating a product offering, are consumers more likely to buy a product for its features, its benefits, or a combination of both?

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