Run Cross-tabs in Excel

This is an Excel Tool Suitable to Share with your Students

This is not necessarily a student activity, but instead, a tool that they could use for their analysis for assignments, or you could possibly structure a survey in class, that could be analyzed using the following free template that will allow your students to produce charts and run cross-tabs very easily.

Download the free template for running cross-tabs here… cross tab and count data 2020

Suitable for Most Student Excel Skill levels

Students are very familiar with Excel normally have no challenges in producing graphs and potentially even running cross-tabs using pivot tables. However, not all students are at this level, which creates a challenging teaching environment and an “unfair” playing field.

Therefore, this free Excel template has been structured with the beginner Excel user in mind. Most students, even those with limited Excel skills, would be able to use this template to produce dozens of charts and run many cross-tabs very quickly.

Designed for preliminary analysis of a survey or database

The big advantage of this template is its speed of producing charts and cross-tabs.

Once the data has been effectively labelled and then copied and pasted into the worksheet, then graphs produced automatically by typing in a variable/question number.

And cross-tabs are also automatically produced by typing in the two questions/variable numbers that you want to compare, as shown here:

This approach enables students to “crunch” through a lot of data very quickly to identify key points and insights, rather than getting bogged down with formatting two or three charts for their analysis.

More information on how to use the template, which you can download above, is also available at the Marketing Study  Guide, or alternatively here is a short instructional video below.