Product Life Cycle (PLC) Excel Template


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Teaching Notes

The product life cycle is an important marketing concept, especially for product management and is often a trigger for new product development, as existing product categories head in to the decline stage of the PLC.

Here is a free Excel PLC tool that you can provide to students.

Teaching Ideas

This Excel tool is ideal for simple activities or homework, such as:

  1. You could provide for students with a list of products and ask them to map them onto the PLC curve.
  2. You could get them to identify products that fit into the different stages of the product life cycle and create their own graph of products.
  3. Or you show them the following PLC chart, from the Excel template, and see to what extent that your students agree with the stages that each product categories have been allocated to.

Or you can use these PLC related activities…


How the PLC Template Works (VIDEO)

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