Reviewing Perceptual Maps


brand management, perceptual maps, positioning

Teaching Notes

This activity is a variation of the Burgers Galore Brand Management exercise. In that activity, students need to consider how well a brand is being managed by reviewing sales, profit, and image data (presented in a perceptual map format).

However, in this activity, students are presented with consumer perception data only, along with a very easy-to-use Excel perceptual mapping tool. The data is fully provided for them – they just need to analyze the data as presented.

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Reviewing Perceptual Maps

Here is the Excel spreadsheet that the students will use: mapping_template_for_Burgers_Galore

Student Discussion Activity

Your Task

Your task in this exercise is to review various perceptual maps (up to 45 different maps can be generated) and to “paint a picture” of what is happening to our brand (which is Burgers Galore).

And then you need to determine WHY. Why is the brand’s perception changing in this manner? How have we likely altered our marketing mix and how are the competitors evolving?

In other words, turn the data into a “story” of the market and its players.

The Data and Tools

You will be provided with an Excel template to use to create the maps. The perceptual data has been populated into the mapping tool. You  need to press a number to produce a new map. Even if you are new to Excel will be able to use it easily.

Codes for the Perceptual Maps

• Burgers Galore = BG
• Brian Barry’s Burgers = BBB
• The Burger Brothers = TBB
• Burgers and Buns = B&B
• Beautiful Burgers = BB
• Burgers Are Us = BRUS
• Burgers 4 U = B4U
• Bangers and Burgers = Bang
• Year 1 = Y1
• Year 2 = Y2
• Year 3 = Y3

Video Guide on how to use the mapping tool

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Further Information

Here is the link to tips and guidelines for using perceptual maps