Brand Management Challenge


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Student Worksheet: Brand Management Challenge

Student Discussion Activity

This activity is designed around a marketplace (such as a small city), where there are a set number of known competitors. You need to review and discuss the case materials to consider whether the firm’s performance is favorable or concerning?

About Burgers Galore

“Burgers Galore” is a hypothetical fast food chain in a hypothetical burger chain market, where there are only eight competitors.

Your task is to evaluate how Burgers Galore is performing. They have had success in increasing sales and profitability – which is obviously a key objective marketing – but you also need to consider the long-term competitiveness and market position of this firm.

To help you do this, you have been provided with an array of market and firm-based sales, profit, and image data the last three years. You should base your assessment upon the information provided, plus your interpretation and insight from reviewing the data.

Please note that you are not required to outline a new strategy for the brand. Instead, your task is to work out what’s been happening in the marketplace, what marketing strategy have they been pursuing, and how they may have altered the various marketing mix elements.

You may highlight things that are working well or otherwise, in order to suggest marketing activities that should be continued, revised or discontinued.

In the end, you need to determine whether Burgers Galore is on the right marketing track??? And why/why not?

What marketing data do we have?

Sales and profits are up…


bg chart


Here are our last three years of sales and financial data…

bg financials


We also have some comparative information on the overall market, which includes our seven direct competitors…

bg competition


And finally we have some image data, as shown in the following three different perceptual maps…

Note: These maps (and the above tables) provide helpful information for understanding how the firm is modifying their marketing mix: what appears to be happening with their product features and mix, what is happening with their pricing, how is there promotion changing, and what conclusions can we draw about their place, people and process marketing mix elements?


bp map



Codes for the Perceptual Maps

• Burgers Galore = BG
• Brian Barry’s Burgers = BBB
• The Burger Brothers = TBB
• Burgers and Buns = B&B
• Beautiful Burgers = BB
• Burgers Are Us = BRUS
• Burgers 4 U = B4U
• Bangers and Burgers = Bang
• Year 1 = Y1
• Year 2 = Y2
• Year 3 = Y3

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