Potential Benefits of Internal Marketing


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Student Discussion Activity


Reducing staff turnover should lead to increased work skills and experience, which then leads to greater customer satisfaction and enhanced customer loyalty. In the following work conversation, each staff member has strengths in one particular area.

Your task is to identify where the staff member is particularly experienced, and then determine whether their skills are likely to enhance customer satisfaction.


Mark: Hey Monica, who do I phone to find out when the new product models are arriving? There’s a customer here who wants to order one?

Monica: You should call Fred in purchasing. Hey Polly, Mrs. Jones is here and she only wants to deal with you.

Polly: Thanks Monica. Hey Paris, can you tell me what’s the difference between these products – they look the same to me?

Paris: Sure, this one has a 3-year warranty. Hey Nicole, do we balance the cash register hourly on Sundays?

Nicole: No, Sundays are different, just balance every 4 hours. Hey Mike, I’m thinking about sending a report to management to recommend introducing a loyalty program, do you think that’s a good idea?

Mike:  Sure, that’s a great idea. Management love getting ideas from front-line staff about customer needs.

Staff member

The staff member’s particular area of skill?

Will this skill lead to increased customer satisfaction? How?














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