Designing Internal Marketing

Assume you were the marketing manager for a bank and you are planning a major new product launch, with a substantial advertising and direct mail budget. As you need to rely upon the bank’s branch and call center staff to complete the sales, you will need to develop an internal marketing program (use the checklist below as a guide).



 Here are some thought starters for your program. Note that there are in four major categories.



Strategic purpose

Bonuses – standalone

Overview of campaign

Bonuses – add to existing scheme

Product application process

Sales targets

Product features

CEO letter

Key selling points


Competitive advantages

On-line competition results

Likely FAQ’s

Prizes (mgr discretion)

General selling skills

Launch party

Relationship skills

Decision empowerment

Review promotional materials

Managers on counter

CD program

Personal recognition

On-the-job training


Define target market

Input to campaign design

Campaign tracking/recording

Team bonuses

Likely customer ‘complaints’

Peer sales comparisons

Support Tools


Sales scripts

Staff newsletters

Prompt sheets

DVD/video launch information

Sales sheets


In-branch merchandising


TV ads in branches

Campaign updates

Specialist staff

Campaign newsletter

Extra staff/hours

CEO/Manager visits

Competitor comparison sheets

Staff web pages

On-screen prompts

Staff meetings

On-screen target market ID

Upward communication

Easy application process

Staff surveys

Phone help-desk

Staff suggestions

Customer needs worksheet

Notice boards




  1.  How would you structure your internal marketing program? (Use ideas from the above list, plus any of your own.)
  2.  How much impact would you expect this program have on the campaign’s overall results?
  3.  Given your response in Q2, do you think that the effort in implementing your internal marketing program will be worthwhile? Why/why not?