Internal Marketing: Changing the Corporate Culture


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Internal Marketing – Changing the Corporate Culture

Student Discussion Activity

Often firms seek to modify their corporate culture, as part of their overall internal marketing program. For this exercise, assume you are a consultant brought into a Fortune 1000 firm with the project of dramatically altering the firm’s corporate culture in order to improve its level of marketing orientation.

Your task is to determine which of the possible activities identified below that the firm should implement.


Does the firm need to “replace” some of its existing managers and bring in new managers?


Does the CEO need to visibly change his/her behavior?


Are new reward/bonus systems required?


Does the firm need a new mission statement?


What about a new image/slogan for the firm in the marketplace? Does that need to be updated or modernized?


Does the firm need more training programs? For sales/service staff? For head office (non-customer oriented) staff?


Is it necessary to hire new sales/service staff?


Is it necessary to change the firm’s standard recruitment process?


Is it important to introduce new practices, new targets, and new service standards?


Should the firm use “staff rotation” and cross-training to create new teams?


Should the firm introduce some symbolic gestures (such as, managers dealing directly with customers once a month)?


Should the firm set a deadline for the change program?

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Which of the above suggestions would you implement in order to change the firm’s corporate culture to a reasonable extent?
  2. Do you have  any other ideas that you would implement?
  3. Given your response to Q1, how long would it take to start to realize a noticeable change in the firm’s corporate culture?
  4. Should Marketing be involved in these sorts of programs and activities in order to assist with internal marketing goals, or do you think that these tasks should be mainly the responsibility of the Human Resources function?
  5. Assume that  a firm’s marketing strategy required the firm to substantially change its corporate culture to be successfully implemented. Would you decide to pursue the corporate culture change, or would you look to revise the marketing strategy instead? Why?

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