Classifying Consumer Products


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Student Discussion Activity

Consumer products can be classified (see list in question area) into different types, in order to better understand their consumer’s behavior and to assist in the design of their supporting marketing mix.

Your task in this activity is to appropriately classify the following list of products.

  • Wide-screen TV
  • Eggs
  • A new car
  • Charity donations
  • A mobile phone
  • Computer games
  • Newspaper
  • Hot coffee
  • A tennis racquet
  • Jewelry
  • Life insurance
  • Luggage
  • A haircut
  • Can of soup
  • Textbooks
  • Clothing
  • Soft drink (soda)
  • Flowers (as a gift)
  • Furniture

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Start by classifying the above products into either: convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, or unsought products.
  2. Are there any products that be classified into more than one category?
  3. In what ways could a marketer benefit from this classification system? In other words, how does it help guide them in their marketing activities?

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