The Consumer Products Classification Scheme


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Teaching Notes

  • Preferred format: This teaching activity is designed for small groups of students to discuss the marketing mix implications of the consumer products classification scheme.
  • Student audience: This exercise is more suitable for students of introductory marketing.
  • Exercise time: The group discussion time should be around 20-25 minutes, plus any additional time for an overall class discussion.

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

For this discussion activity, you need to consider the consumer products classification scheme:

  • convenience products,
  • shopping products,
  • specialty products and
  • unsought products.

The consumer product classification system is usually outlined is an old and established marketing model (since the 1920’s). Despite its age, this model is still included in textbooks today as it helps marketers with the design of their marketing mix.


Student Discussion Question

For each of these for product classes – briefly outline the implications for each of the following marketing considerations:

  • Level of purchase involvement
  • Extent of customer loyalty
  • Importance of product
  • Importance of brand
  • Value of product line extensions
  • Price sensitivity
  • Responsiveness to sales promotions and discounts
  • Importance of the place mix
  • Role of logistics
  • Role of retailer relationships
  • Responsiveness to promotion and advertising
  • Examples of the product
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