Products and Brands

Understanding Marketing Terms

This activity is for students near the end of studying Marketing 101 (or similar) as it poses a number of clarification and understanding questions relating to research, product mix, consumer needs, and segmentation = a mix of topics, rather than one set topic area. It is also a supplementary activity that leads into Using Different Bases for Market Segmentation.

Tropicana’s Packaging Case Study

In this activity we are going back to 2009 when Tropicana underwent a significant packaging redesign that did not go as planned. Although this occurred a number of years ago, it is a “classic” case study that all marketing students and practitioners should be aware of. It is especially useful for understanding the importance of packaging, branding, and what drives customer loyalty and repeat (habitual) purchases.

Growing Market Share: Burger King Case Study

In this mini case study, students assess Burger King’s strategy to grow its market share in their home market in 2023 and beyond. The firm undertook an aggressive marketing program across multiple marketing mix elements, and started to look at product-based (rather than firm-based) differentiation as the key to their growth success.

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