Wispa Chocolate Bar Relaunch


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Teaching Notes

In this video-based activity, students will review an overview of a marketing launch of a chocolate bar that has been reintroduced into the market in the UK. The video provides a good overview of the launch campaign.

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Task

Wispa is a brand of a chocolate bar owned by Cadbury. It was originally launched in the 1980’s but was later withdrawn from the market in 2003. The main reason for its withdrawal at the time was because Cadbury wanted to rationalize its range of brand and move towards stronger umbrella brands, such as “Cadbury Dairy Milk”.

In 2007, following growing consumer “demands” for its reintroduction, the Wispa chocolate bar was relaunched using a mix of traditional advertising mediums while leveraging social media support. The following video highlights the launch campaign…

Student Discussion Questions

  1. What were some of the launch tactics used by the brand? Which ones do you think were probably the most effective? Why?
  2. What were some of the marketing metrics listed in the video? Do you think that they were any important metrics that were not listed?
  3. Do you think that this relaunch would have been so successful without the use of social media?
  4. What would have been the likely new product feasibility questions that Cadbury would have considered before deciding to relaunch the Wispa brand?
  5. Do you think that there would have been a business case to NOT reintroduce the brand?

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