Which Sales Promotion Tool?


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Which Sales Promotion Tool

Student Discussion Task

Firms may use a variety of sales promotion tools to help them increase short-term sales. Choosing from the below list of possible tools, identify which one/s would be most appropriate for:

  1. A newly launched chocolate bar
  2. Computer software (for editing digital photos)
  3. A woman’s fashion clothing store


Sales Promotion Tools

Chocolate bar?

Computer software?

Clothing store?


A 20% discount


20% extra free


A cash-back offer (from manufacturer)


A two-for-one deal


Discount via a coupon (e.g. shop-a-docket)


A competition (e.g. win a PlayStation)


Extra points on a loyalty program


Receive a free gift (if spending more than $X)


Buy another product at a discount


Access code for special website


Give a free sample


Have a big in-store display


 Student Discussion Questions

  1. Start this activity by completing the above table.
  2. Which sales promotion tools did you use the most? Which ones did you use least?
  3. How does your sales promotion choices compare to those of your fellow students?
  4. How effective do you think sales promotions are in generating sales and gaining new customers?
  5. Is there a danger in overusing sales promotions?
  6. Based on the above table, but you think that sales promotions are more suited to particular types of product categories?

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