Pringles Chips WTF

Background to the student activity

Pringles is a snack brand owned by Kellogg’s, and is sold in over 140 countries. Most students would know this brand as it comes in a can and the chips are stacked.

Here are some of their flavors:

In 2020 in Australia, Pringles ran a sales promotion built around WTF = what’s the flavor? Here is their packaging for this promotion…

Pringles what's the flavor campaign

As can be seen, the packaging is black-and-white, giving no particular clue to the flavor inside. Mr Pringle on the logo looks puzzled. And the caption at the top of the packaging reads “what’s the flavor? Guess to win $10,000.

Therefore, it has been designed as a competition-based sales promotion.

Student Questions

  1. Do you think that this campaign be likely to increase short-term sales?
  2. Why would a consumer buy a product where they did not know whether they liked the flavor?
  3. Why would the brand associate with the letters WTF, given this can also have a negative connotation?
  4. Why would the brand run this sales promotion, rather than just introducing the new flavor straight to the marketplace?
  5. Could this campaign help increase brand engagement overall?
  6. Other than short-term sales, what other marketing goals could this campaign have for the brand?

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