What is the Role of a Sales Manager?


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Task

As implied by their business title, a sales manager is responsible for achieving targeted sales through the effective management of a sales team.

In this activity, you need to identify (from the list below) what tasks that a sales manager actually does.

  1. Structuring sales bonuses
  2. Giving ‘motivational’ talks
  3. Phoning key customers
  4. Writing newsletters
  5. Helping with direct marketing activities
  6. Helping staff with actual sales situations
  7. Reviewing sales results
  8. Planning sales campaigns
  9. Looking to reduce administrative work for sales staff
  10. Giving feedback to sales people
  11. Being part of the new products development team
  12. Conducting product training
  13. Taking sales people to lunch
  14. Taking marketing people to lunch
  15. Dealing directly with customer complaints

Student Discussion Questions

1. Review the above list and determine how likely a sales manager would be to undertake each of the tasks, using the following scale:

  • Likely that a sales manager would do the task
  • Maybe a sales manager would do the task
  • Unlikely that a sales manager would do the task

2. Would the role of a sales manager vary between a consumer firm and a B2B firm?

3. What sorts of firms are most likely to have a sales manager position?

4. How does the role of sales management fit with marketing management?

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