Staff Bonuses and Internal Marketing

For this exercise, which is based on a recent media release, you will review Sports Direct (a major UK sports retailer) and the impact of its attractive staff bonus on sales and profitability. But while profits are up, your task is to identify any concerns that they need to manage?


ACTIVITY/TASK is a large sporting goods retailer based … See the full activity...

Apple’s Mission Statement

The following statement was released by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Although it was not described as a mission statement, it has been effectively framed as one. Your task here is to review it and determine what it indicates about Apple and their future direction.



The statement made by Tim Cook of Apple:

We believe that we’re on … See the full activity...

Working with Salespeople

Salespeople are part of an overall team. When a salesperson tries to work independently, the results are not always very effective. This activity highlights an ineffective situation for a mobile home loan salesman for a bank. Review the situation – what can you recommend to improve the firm’s current sales appointment practices?



When customers phone the bank’s call … See the full activity...

Designing Internal Marketing

Assume you were the marketing manager for a bank and you are planning a major new product launch, with a substantial advertising and direct mail budget. As you need to rely upon the bank’s branch and call center staff to complete the sales, you will need to develop an internal marketing program (use the checklist below as a guide).


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Justifying Marketing with Customer Lifetime Value

Your task with this activity is to defend the recent expenditure of a marketing campaign. The key to your argument will revolve around the customer lifetime value concept. So review the following statement and determine how you could you defend the marketing program.



Assume that the following statement was recently made by a manager from your firm:

“Our firm … See the full activity...

Internal Marketing: Changing the Corporate Culture

Often firms seek to modify their corporate culture, as part of their overall internal marketing program. For this exercise, assume you are a consultant brought into a Fortune 1000 firm with the project of dramatically altering the firm’s corporate culture in order to improve its level of marketing orientation. Your task is to determine which of the possible activities identified See the full activity...

Impact of Management Values on Strategy

In this activity, a firm is deciding on whether or not to invest in a major new product. In order to illustrate the influence of top management values, the profiles of four different CEOs are presented. Your task is to identify whether the management style of the CEO would influence the firm’s decision to pursue the new product opportunity.

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Assessing the Corporate Culture

Listed below is a series of statements made by employees when describing the way their firms motivate and deal with their staff. This gives a good insight in the firm’s corporate culture, which is a key aspect of the internal environment. Your task in this activity is to identify how these different environments will influence each firms’ choice of marketing See the full activity...