Assessing the Corporate Culture


Corporate culture, internal marketing, people mix, marketing orientation

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Assessing the Corporate Culture

Student Discussion Activity

Listed below is a series of statements made by employees when describing the way their firms motivate and deal with their staff. This gives a good insight in the firm’s corporate culture, which is a key aspect of the internal environment.

Your task in this activity is to identify how these different environments will influence each firms’ choice of marketing strategy.

Workplace Discussion

Anne: At our work, we’re always expected to put in the extra hours. We’re ‘promised’ big promotions one day if we put in the ‘hard yards’.
Sue: Our place is quite different – the managers don’t really care. If you leave, they simply replace you, it doesn’t matter how good a worker you are. That means you are motivated just to keep your job.
Dave: Well you should come and work with us! Our company is always having staff parties and functions, and often for no reason at all – the management really tries to make it a fun place to work.
Tom: That sounds like fun. We don’t have parties, but we’re involved in the firm’s planning, as well as having a strong understanding about all our marketing campaigns.

Student Discussion Questions

  1. How does each firm ‘motivate’ their staff?
  2. Given this ‘motivation’ information, how would you describe their likely corporate culture?
  3. Given each firm’s corporate culture (as you have described it), how would this affect their selection and implementation of their marketing strategy? (Hint: Think about their level of competitive aggressive, innovation, planning/structure, role of staff, and so on.)
  4. Do you think that it is important to consider a firm’s internal environment (in addition to the micro-environment and macro-environment factors) when formulating marketing strategy?

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