Segment Nicknames and Brand Personas


segment profile, brand personas, target market

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

Your task in this activity is to see how much we can determine about the typical target market consumer by the ‘segment nickname’ it has been given.

As you know, a segment nickname is the descriptive name that many firms will use when labeling their target markets. Let’s see how effective that approach is for helping to quickly understand the segment.


A Coffee Shop’s Target Customer’s Personas

A small chain of coffee stores has identified its main target markets. They have identified these segments and prepared segment profiles and have modified their marketing mix with these target markets in mind.

They have also named each segment – giving it a descriptive nickname, or brand persona.

This is the only information that you will be provided with in this activity, so let’s see how helpful and descriptive that name is in giving some sense of their target markets. Their defined brand personas for this coffee shop are:

  • Loves to chat
  • On the way to work
  • Here on business
  • Time to kill
  • Coffee lover

Student Discussion Questions

  1.  Simply by the use of the name, how would you describe the needs and characteristics of each segment?
  2. In what ways could the firm alter its marketing mix to better appeal to each of the segments?
  3. How helpful do you find the use of a segment nickname?

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