Meeting Target Market Needs


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Meeting Target Market Needs

Student Discussion Activity

Below is a possible market segmentation for the holiday market. Remembering that a key goal of segmentation is to classify consumers into groups of similar needs – your task in this activity is to outline what kind of holiday (that is, accommodation, activities, and destinations) would best suit each of these market segments.


Segment Name Brief Profile
‘Relaxers’ These consumers simply want to get away and relax – no stress, nowhere to go and nothing to do
Family Fun These are young family groups who want to do things together – a good family holiday
Look and Learn These consumers view a holiday as a learning experience (that is, history, key events, and places)
All the Sites These tourists are obsessed with visiting all the high profile landmarks (whether they are interesting or not)
Busy Bodies These consumers want to do lots of things on their break – sports, walks, tours – very action-packed
Meet and Greet This group is very social and want to meet and make friends
The Real Life This group want to get away from the tourist places and get to experience the real culture/lifestyle

Student Discussion Questions

  1. How have you structured the marketing mix offering to best meet the needs of each of these market segments?
  2. Did you find the marketing mix differed substantially or just slightly across the different market segments?
  3. Do you think that it is beneficial for a firm in the holiday industry to look at market segments individually or should they consider the overall market as a whole?

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